Rotation three is about to begin. I feel like they aren’t doing a great job showing us these routines!

vault–UCLA, bars–Ark, beam–Illinois, floor–Mich

1:08 Britt on floor. Big big full in, messy legs but nice air. Looks happy. She just looks effortless, like, oh well, lemme just throw this element real quick–her dance makes me laugh. Only Britt could pull that off. Ends with a big double tuck and a great routine. hey did you guys know that is a NURSING MAJOR? i had no idea!

Musser from Penn State–number 1 on floor–lets see!- oops, OOB. That isn’t going to help. She’s a pretty twister though. Nice double pike, a little low, but a good routine.

1:06 McComb on beam. Moonwalk, wobbly on all her acro stuff but not letting herself fall. beat-tuck full, fine. double full with a hop. Not her best but OK.

1:03 Elyse Hopfer Hibbs is here on floor. C’mon kid. OK. Clean double arabian, she just BARELY stayed in bounds. Fun dance. love the illusion. Big smile on her face. And she ends her 2nd pass in a Shushonova! I love those! Anyway, clean high double pike to finish. Good girl, Elyse.

12:59 Melissa Fernadaz, , senior at IL, VERY NICE–her dismount on bars, DLO full out, was FANTASTIC, very pretty and stuck cold. Good job!

Allison Buckley, IL, wow what a dismount–it was cowboyed and big step but pretty high and cool–double front with a half.

12:57 Sydney Sawa on floor. She has a big smile on her face. Better hit the routine girlfriend, or Miss Val won’t let you smile much more. Really big and clean double tuck, nice twisting series with a great stag jump at the end–looks good on her. This is better work from Syd than I’ve seen in awhile. Very high double pike with a step to end, well done for her.

12:56 haha i can see UCLA down there on floor looking crab-like… Hope Bruce from OU on vault: clean and high FTY, big hop

12:54 Lindsey Cheek is up on beam. weird arm thing. a little wobbly at first but then really nice bhs bhs loso. great aerial cartwheel, that skill is so underused. Messy legs but stuck double full.

12:48 UCLA getting ready on floor. Big fall from Tanella on 3 min touch. God these leos are AWFUL. OU is all fire-worky on their leos. Not loving it. Muesser from Penn State–currently number 1 in floor–rotating with them.

12:51 OK here we go, floor. Poor Tauny stepped up to early and is laughing a bit, but then steps back off. Final chat with Miss Val and NOW we can get started. Clean double pike, almost stuck, nice leaps, love that 2nd pass–jump, bounces into chereo. Also a superb way to cover up landing deductions. Big cheers for Tauny.

Rotation one Scores:

OU: 39.15–and that’s the only one they are providing, stinkers. HI ZAM! Wish you were competing!

Next rotation: vault OU, bars IL, Beam UGA, floor UCLA

The Bruins are huddling on floor for Miss Val’s final advice. I think her advice is, don’t screw up.

12:37 Katie Zurales stuck 2.5 off beam, I think.

Blah blah, teams get comfortable in their conference so fall apart at Nationals, yada yada yada.

Kayla Nowak, OU–FINALLY a Sooner–on floor. Nice dance, not quite Hollie Vise but then nobody is. My stupid computer froze so I didn’t see what was apparently a serious mishap, as Brady puts it…apparently she went OOB.

Morgan Evans from…somewhere? Ah, UNC. Up on floor. Where the hell is she from? TELL ME. Whoops, sat down her double arabian. Well there goes that, then. I don’t mind her dance, though. Has to do what I’m assuming is a totally unintentional forward roll out of her last pass. Oh, poor kid.

12:35 Kylee Botterman on beam! She is so good. SO GOOD. she won every AA comp preseason. Nice bhs, very steady. nice straddle full–beat. Big and VERY steady punch front. Lovely light and floaty bhs bhso to full twist, I think? Anyway, really pretty.

12:32  Jordan Sexton on beam from Mich. really pretty front aerial-bhs. Steady punch front. beat-sheep–windmill arms, do they give extra points for that? 1.5 with hop off. She’s a pretty beam worker.

Bad tax day joke from Grant.

KAT DING! OK girl, let’s go. ack I can hardly watch! blah blah, nobody cars about how they decide to mount where they mount…lets GO. eh gads.

allright, finally: up to HB, SUCH PRETTY LINES, such a beautiful release, terrific pak, right on top of the bar, beautiful stuck cold DLO. Oh Kat, I love you.

12:27 Elise Ray was a fifth year senior just like Mich’s Sarah Curtis. That’s nice, can we see the routine now? (Oh Elise. You don’t say “of whom the Wolverines rely on…)

okay, Curtis on beam. Creepy looking guy in the back. Decent side somi, slightly wobbly bhs loso. beat jump to split full, nice. RO double back with a big step.

12:30 Bars–McComb is up–nice release, great legs, great toes, love that. Full in with a small step–well done although Jay doesn’t look pleased. But Jay never looks pleased anymore.

1223: Suzanne love. Ha. OK, here goes Tanella. Archey handstands, fine release, her feet are driving me nuts. Easy double back but stuck. Couch on deck.

Lots of woo woo discussion about feeling someone’s energy, whatever. Fever pitch, yada yada, show us the freakin routines. Elise thinks UGA wants to come back with a vengeance.

12:25 Finally Couch–pretty clean, release caught by fingertips only, double front not quite stuck. She’s OK she just isn’t that pretty in her gymnastics.

12:20 Grant and Elise want us to know that this is a fresh start and it doesn’t matter how you’ve done before. “The doors can open very quickly.” True, if, say, Mustafina knocks out a leg.

Kylie Sheilds with Mich.

Breanna Springer (Denver) rotating with Arkansas. Apparently Elise likes to start on floor or vault. And here is our first mention that the beam is FOUR INCHES LONG OMG GO HAVE A DRINK WITH AL.

12:17 leo notes: Not loving UGA. At all. Their warm ups are fine, bt the leos themselves…no. Too much mesh. Courtney McCool hanging around in a dress and looks fine though I’d prefer her in a leo. On beam. And not talking about god.

Mich is…eh. Too many boob eating flames.

Arkansas I don’t love either. Whatever, I’l picky leo wise.

Elise is talking about wanting to out there, which would be fun for us all.

30 second touch!

12:13 3 min touch time! and…time to meet the narrators….

Rankings for this round:


3. OU

6. Mich

It’s somebody named Grant Boone, who the hell is that? And Elise Ray, who is telling us that this meet is what they’ve been training for all year. Blah blah blah, gymnastics please?

Mich is on beam, UGA on bars–COME ON KAT–OU on floor, Arkansas on vault.

Tanella will be first. Hoo boy.

12:06 ooks like we’re finally getting started…Arkansas.

Jorie Hall from Denver for beam, and an AAer that I didn’t catch , sorry.

12:08 Illonois being introduced.

LSU individual competitor,AAers–didn’t catch name, rats.

Iowa State individual (bars?)

12:09 UGA in the house, big cheers for them.

Eliza Macker from Washington, individual

Michigan comes in. Big cheers for Botterman.

Kylie Sheilds, individual AAer

UCLA is out of the gate and gets lots of cheers.

Something I couldn’t catch about a Penn State individual.

1210: OU comes in and HUGE shouts for them!

National Anthem, whatever.

I’ll be liveblogging the craziness that is NCAA Nationals! Come back at 12pm ET for Part The First!


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