The Great Party

So I planned a rather kick ass surprise for my mom, who turned 60 last week. Her best friend showed up and they went out to Spa World for the day. When she got back, one of her brothers, her sister, her sister in law, her niece, and a couple of her favorite couples were at the house. It was all very exciting. And I wish to share the menu with you, because let me tell you, this shit was GOOD. The cake is probably the best I’ve ever made, and you can make it to: it’s the Pioneer Woman recipe and it is amazing. Here.

The artichoke pasta, I forget where the recipe comes from–but it’s very easy and very good: take cans of artichoke hearts, drain them, and toss them in the food processor with marinated artichoke hearts in their liquid, mayo and parm cheese, blend (taste to see how much of everything you want–I usually do about 2 cans, 1 marinated can, maybe 1/2 c mayo or a little less, and some cheese) toss it with just cooked penne, drizzle with freshly shaved parm, and toss in the oven to warm through.

Oh, the salad was from an internet recipe–basically candied pecans (brown sugar and….something else) on spinach with grapes, strawberries, etc.

Everything else is from the always excellent Moosewood Celebrates.

And! Here are PICTURES!

Go on. Be envious that I’m not planning YOUR surprise party!



fizzy fruit drinks



marbled hardboiled eggs

cheddar shortbread with tomato lime pesto


pecan-berry salad (w or w/o chicken)


artichoke pasta with grated parmesan cheese


chocolate sheet cake with chocolate pecan frosting

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