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Coming tomorrow : aV.S.V.Steck exclusive photo gallery of images that remind her of OBL. No, he will not have his face cut off. TELL ARE YOUR INTERNET FRIENDS OR JESUS WILL CRY

there may also be thoughts from people who are not me,

ETA with a fewwwwww more links:

This is good.

What Pakistan Knew.

Disturbing Details (note: I am bothered by the fact that she may not have been his wife and we were told otherwise and I don’t want to make light of this, although I can see how the narrative could be confused without any nefarious reasons. That does not mean that weren’t any, and we should watch.

I am far less bothered than I probably should be about bin Laden possibly not being armed. Among many other things I cannot believe he’d allow himself to be taken alive.)

Details on the Disturbing Details.

The Evolution of Al-Qaeda (I’m spelling it differently every time).

the compound is handed over to civilian authorities. (VIDEO and that compound is NUTS)

I would like to read Stratfor but they require payment. You can read ONE article for free, though, if you mosey on over there. I suggest the one about what Palestine thinks.

Who were bin Laden’s hosts?

Much watch TV: Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. Must read: NYT coverage, Talking Points Memo, Atlantic, New Yorker.

If any of you all ever read this blog, please let me know what you’ve found the least  nonsensical way making it understood.

My god. What a time.

I was trying to find a picture for you and all I got was gymnastics–I did, actually, have several that would be PERFECT but I cannot locate them on my harddrive. So instead, tomorrow we will do a Vanessa Steck does a Gallery Showing of Photography That Has Sort of Reminded Her of Osama bin Laden. TELLALL YOUR FRIENDS I NEEDZ READERZ

ETA Ethics Edition: What are the ethics of government sanctioned assassination? Well, hell if I know.

Is it a slippery slope? Of course it’s a slippery slope. Although ‘ve always that the slippery slope argument is a fallacy.

And yet…I confess. I did not expect to feel this way. I really didn’t.  I’m usually pretty far to the left of the Dems. But…I’m not dancing in the streets or anything, and it DOES feel weird to celebrate death, any death. And I’m not pleased that a woman who was being used a shield died.

That said, I feel like this is, overall, A Good Thing. It is going to stop Al Qaida? (and what the hell is the correct way to spell that, anyway?)  Of course not. Will there be more terrorist attacks? Yes. But that was going to happen anyway: whether or not we caught Bin Laden, there were always going to be more attacks. It would be naive to think otherwise.

Jeffrey Toobin, writing today at the New Yorker, says this:

“No one today is shedding any tears about bin Laden’s death. (He apparently resisted capture, which offered an additional justification for killing him.) But it’s worth remembering what gave rise to the ban on assassinations. It is, to put it mildly, an easy power to abuse. Bin Laden didn’t get a trial and didn’t deserve one. But the number of people for whom that is true is small. At least it should be.”

And I think that’s a good way to do things. I know, I know. Slippery slope. But…do I think Bin Laden deserved a trial? I actually kind of don’t, and if that makes me a Bad Liberal, well, so be it. I looked at the royal wedding dresses and that apparently makes me a Bad Feminist, so you know. You can’t do everything right.

At any rate. Yes, it feels weird to celebrate death. And I’m not *celebrating* but I am relieved. And I do have a lot of respect and admiration for the people who went into the compound. And yes, for Obama, who made the call that said the soldiers could go in. That really is a gutsy call.

Other things to rad:

Jane Meyer on torture

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden (the answer seems to be: um, YES, they must have known something was up!)

Fascinating Specifics

I also recommend Morning Edition and the Diane Rehm show, as well as Kojo, from NPR today, and especially their special.

Also, the WH Briefing.(This is REALLY interesting, and surprisingly forthcoming).

Oh, and this guy is a now a twitter superstar.

Look at other ETAs for links–NYT obit is great. DNA has been confirmed.

ETA whateverthefuck: great animation, awesome photo of everyone monitoring the situation in The Situation Room. Is there a better name for a room? I cannot stop looking at their faces. Obama and Clinton look…a bit tense.  And Rachel Maddow.

ETA to say THIS is why social media is awesome. ACTUAL BREAKING NEWS–how often does that *really* happen?

ETA 2: This is a great article about how it leaked. My favorite quote: “Mr. [Brian] Williams said some journalists received a three-word e-mail that read, “Get to work.'”

ETA3 to live blog announcement–below.

ETA 4 to this great pic of Obama when nerd prom host Seth Meyers made an OBL joke:

ETA whatever to this fantastic pic.

ETA this is the last time I swear: today’s front pages.

ETA OK THIS is the last time: NYT obit. Lots of background. They’ve had this one on file for awhile now.

So there are advantages to bumming around on the computer at night watching Castle. I clicked over the Washington Post awhile ago to check something–I cannot remember what it was now, although it’s not out of the question that it was more royal wedding pics–and saw something about Obama making an announcement soon. Apparently no one knew what this announcement would contain.

I clicked around a bit, CNN, the AP, etc, and came across a brief statement on top of the New York Times homepage: U.S. official says Bin Laden has been killed.

Whoa, I said.

A few minutes later, the NYT had this story up. That’s some fast work there, good for them–it was up even before the Associated Press had a story on their homepage.  Which is impressive. (my  hometown paper, the good ol’ WaPo, was very slow!)

No official word yet. The White House has a video feed up, but it hasn’t started yet.

It’s kind of nuts though. I mean, I cannot be the only one who thinks this is kind of nuts, right?

I do not, as a rule, believe in the death penalty in any form. Nonetheless, don’t ask me to get worked up about Bin Laden dying. I might just ask you why it took so long. (Oh wait! I remember now! Something about GWB being not the brightest bulb in the chandelier…)

Nice victory for Obama, too. I want to see the debate where some GOP asshole calls him soft on terror and he gets to say, really? What president got Osama, just out of curiosity? CAUSE I THINK THAT WAS ME.

11:35: Love how there is a red carpet. Where are they, some random hallway?

11:36: Love how solemn he is. The report is that he wrote the speech himself around 10-10:30. I can tell, it has the same rhetoric that his book does.

11:37: Empty seat at the dinner table is nice. Blah blah, came together, wore lots of flag lapel pins…

10:38 yay for “no matter what god we prayed for.”

11:38:30 has it really, actually been ten years? good lord. seems like yesterday and forever ago.

11:39 SCORES of terrorists!

11:40 last August, briefed on a lead on Osama. Hiding in compound “deep inside Pakistan.” Last week decided they had enough to go for it. Today at his direction they launched an attack. No Americans were killed. Took care not to harm civilians. Killed him in a firefight and took custody of the body.

11:41: Good. Reminder that this doesn’t end the War on Terror (nothing could). And that we are NOT at war with Islam. Bin Laden “not Muslim leader, he was a mass murderer of Muslims.” Good (that he SAYS this, not that Bin Laden killed people!)

11:42: Cooperation with Pakistan helped us get there. Team has spoken with Pakistanis. Apparently they agree that this is a “good and historical time for both our nations.” Hmm. Well, I agree…

11:42:30: He looks like he means it when he says that these concerns trouble him every day.

11:43: Relentless etc. Rhetoric of war.

11:44: “unparalleled courage.” Indeed.  huge props go to the incredibly brave men and women who went directly after Bin Laden.

11:45: I want to know what his immediate reaction was upon hearing that OBL was actually dead. Somebody on twitter reported they did DNA from his sister’s body, from  a hospital in Boston.

11:45:30: OK MAYBE I had goose bumps at the end. Also, I’m pretty sure I just heard fireworks.

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  1. This: “What president got Osama, just out of curiosity? CAUSE I THINK THAT WAS ME”—made me laugh literally audibly, and several times.

    May 2, 2011 at 10:16 am

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