Ankle Stuff Part Six Thousand Three Hundred and Forty-Two

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So I went to the doctor for my first post op. Here is what I learned:

1. this much pain is normal.

2. there was a tunnel drilled into my fibula to pass a tendon through.

3. said tendon came from some other tendon that had torn that he harvested from.

4. he believes it will provide “excellent stability” which, yay!

5. I don’t have to be on crutches which is excellent.

6. it will be 4 months to running.

7. and then another 2 until I can jump etc.

8. no waterproof cast, boo. if any water gets in I have to get it changed immediately or it will get horridly infected.

9. there were staples. the staples had to removed. my cast is black.

10. here  are graphic and gross pictures!


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