Love Letter to Veronica Mars

Oh, Veronica Mars.

Since I’ve been spending a great deal of time in bed over the past four months, what with the two ankle surgeries, I’ve watched a lot of TV. This has included a LOT of Veronica Mars. This only makes sense, as VM is one of my favorite shows, like, ever. Actually, I’m thinking it IS my favorite show ever.

You show me another season, aside from VM’s first, where virtually every episode was so perfectly done. Where the lighting and music have been so perfect. Where the continuity folks have actually not screwed up. Where the overarching mystery is incredibly compelling but so are the mysteries of the week. Where the dead girl is someone you want to hang with. Where a teenage girl gets to be a complete badass and still be a total daddy’s girl, but only in the best way. Where everything fits together at the end, but it ws so many twists to get there that you wouldn’t have guessed it. Where are there are a ton of fantastic one liners. Where, off the top of my head, the groundwork for the following mysteries are laid in the first THIRTY NINE minutes: who raped Veronica, who killed Lilly Kane, where did V’s mom go and why did she go….and I’m pretty sure there were more.

Seriously, has there been a show that has better examined the class and caste systems that exist in high school? And that has been unafraid to tackle rape and assault and murder and possible incest and abuse along with dognapping, rigged student council elections and the business of getting a student newspaper out on time? They brought the laughs, they brought the tears, they brought the suspense…

Seasons 2 and 3 were also good but for me Season 1 stands out as the most perfect season of television I’ve ever seen. An Echolls Family Christmas was amazing and the last scene I could watch over and over. Clash of the Tritons–well, can YOU say “say repressed homosexuality!” and A Trip to the Dentist? I mean really, how could that possibly be better? So creepy, so twisted, so GOOD. And of course season one boasts an unbelievable Pilot–if you aren’t in love with Veronica by the time she mouths off to Mr. Clemens three minutes in, I’m afraid we cannot be friends or even acquaintances anymore. And Leave It To Beaver was just perfect. Yes, it took some horror movie conventions, but in the world of the finale, they were suddenly made fresh. And very, very scary. S2’s finale freaked me out a bit, but it was nothing compared to seeing Lilly’s killer in–well, I’m not going to give it away. But it was scary as hell.

All this to say: there is some great teevee on these days. Parks and Rec, Raising Hope, Nurse Jackie, all great. But I’ve yet to see anything as completely engrossing and engaging as Veronica Mars.


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