Things That Make Me Feel Marginally Better About The World

1. This. I am trying to spin it into a positive. At least someone wrote a GOOD rape prevention list? There you go.

2. The Red Sox are making an It Gets Better video. If I followed sports, which I don’t, the Sox would probably be my favorite team. Also, I hate the Yankees. Anyway, it’s always good to have sports teams making these vids, because at the very least it ought to give some bullies second thoughts.

3. Now you can review the Abortionplex on yelp! YES. and who says feminists can’t be funny?

4. Veronica Mars. See my post yesterday. I feel awful still–really horrible cold–and I cannot focus on anything serious because I feel like I can barely breathe. But I’ve seen VM and on rewatch it just gets better and better. I’m basically starting the first season over: somehow I don’t want to watch the 3rd season and I’ve only watched some of the 2nd. The Lilly Kane mystery really was the best.

5. Oh, and the existence of dry shampoo. I love that stuff.

6. Some of my favorite neighbors are moving tonight, and I will miss them horribly. However,  I did get to spend time with their delightful 3 year old yesterday. We were both, as she says, “a little bit sick” (well, I was/am a lot sick) but we enjoyed making cookies, snuggling and reading books anyway.



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