Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Things I’ve done thus far on vacation:

1. gone to the grocery store AND Target. I will not be doing either again: in fact, save for biking to the ice cream place, I plan to not leave NQT again until I drive home.

2. Been heading back from the casino after my latest blog entry to see a double rainbow: grabbing the camera and rushing to the beach with my sister and my cousin Katy to photograph it.

3. Swum out to several large rocks with my sister and cousins. Yesterday my aunt took some great photos of us.

4. Jumped CAREFULLY off the pier, taking off on my non surgery ankle.

5. Picked sap and burs out of the dog’s belly, then shaved the bits that were really irritated by sap.

6. Played many rounds of Egyptian Ratscrew with my sister and cousins: Billy always wins because he can recognize patterns and therefore knows when to slap.

7. Played many rounds of B.S., some of which I actually win.

8. Played a two and a half hour game of Settlers of Catan. Katy got fed up and called us all asshats.

9. Biked to the ice cream place: I got my opening night sundae and after that will have scoops until my last night sundae. I have a plan.

10. Lived and breathed the rhythms of the ocean. I will be turning off my computer after this in hopes that I can get a break from technology for at least a few days.

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