Troy Davis Tortured and Murdered

Last night the state of Georgia tortured and murdered Troy Davis.

It reminded me a bit of the night we killed bin Laden, in the snse that it was very much watching something important happen with many, many other people, through Twitter.

It was heartbreaking. I do not actually have a lot of words for it. It was just horrifying. Leaving a man strapped to a gurney with a needle in his arm for hours, waiting to hear whether he lives or dies, is torture just as surely as waterboarding is. I don’t care what Dick Cheney has to say about it. (To be fair, I do not care what Dick Cheney has to say about anything).

I am always opposed to the death penalty. I’m sure there were some Troy Davis protesters who do not usually oppose the death penalty, but I suspect most death penalty protestors are–as the title would indicate–opposed to the death penalty always. So why, as some asked on Twitter, didn’t we make as big a deal about the other man executed last night? Well, because he was definitely guilty, and because no one is losing sleep over his death. There’s a big difference between these two cases.

But mostly? Mostly, it was just heartbreaking. I swear, sometimes I just tired of the universe.


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