I Have Run Out Of Reasons To Be Hopeful About The American People

Not you, obviously, because you are pretty and delightful. And not my beautiful, smart, compassionate youth group kids, or indeed many of the people here in my liberal enclave. But the American People, taken as a whole? Oh yeah. We are DONE.

Need evidence?

GOP audience BOOS GAY SOLDIER. If you are planning on voting for any of these people, we are so over.

That should be enough right there. But there’s also Troy Dvis.

And the guy Rick Perry basically murdered.

And–you know what? I’m not looking up any more links for you. Country’s going to hell in a handbasket, that’s all you need to know. If you have conflicting evidence, I will happily examine it.



One response

  1. I dropped by to give you hope and make you laugh. I share your pain which is why at 63 I decided to reinvent myself and become a storyteller to push back some of the madness, the anger, and the meanness. When you need a laugh, please drop by and see me sometime, because we’re probably kindred spirits. Cheers!

    September 23, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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