Here Are Some Things I Like To Watch At Christmas

Miracle on 34th Street–but only the recent one, with Mara Wilson of Mrs. Doubtfire fame and Elizabeth Perkins, lately of Weeds.

Love, Actually, because I love the Sam storyline, and the movie star stand ins, and everything involving Hugh Grant (I love Hgh Grant. I know!)

Bad Santa. So funny. So gross.

The Santa Claus, with Tim Allen. Yes, that Tim Allen. I know! But I kind of like it anyway.

the Season 1 Bones Christmas special–before they really jumped the shark, and they were all stuck in the lab, and had to make presents. I also like the Santa in the Slush, S3.

This year’s Raising Hope Christmas special. Last year’s wasn’t great, but this year’s was really really good.

Henry Winkler played Santa in this year’s The Closer Christmas special, and I enjoyed it.

Veronica Mars, An Echolls Family Christmas. Not only a fabulous Christmas episode but one of the top 5 eps that great show ever did.

Elf–I just watched this for the first time. It was reasonably amusing.

Assorted Friends Christmas specials, especially The One With the Holiday Armadillo.

Modern Family, Undeck the Halls. hehe. I like this one, this is back before MF started sucking.

Monk, Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa. I like the other Christmas specials too but this is the best.

The Holiday. I’ve only seen this once and it was only OK, but hey, who doesn’t like a semi crappy rom-com for the holidays?

Home Alone, and 2 and 3. What can I say? i love watching kids outsmart the bad guys.


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