Dear Ankle,

I have some questions.


It has been just about eight months since they exsanguinated my leg, debrided it, drilled a tunnel through a bone, tied (technical term) a bunch of tendons together and threaded them THROUGH the tunnel, and stapled me up. So I cannot help wondering, little ankle, given that eight months is supposed to be when I can resume running and jumping, why it still appears that there is a golf ball under my skin? And why, oh why, it is still painful some days to walk down the stairs like a normal person, thus requiring the time consuming stair shuffle?

It is good, I admit, that you no longer collapse: at least once a day I step somehow and note that  eight months ago I would have felt you pop out of the joint. So really, good work there. if you could just address the other issues in a timely fashion, that’d be grand.





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