Days One And Two

I am mostly too exhuasted to write anything coherent, but I want to make sure I jot down the highlights of being here at Goddard so that I don’t forget them later.

day 1: meeting with all other new lisensure folks–not many–and then orientation to foliotek, which is the software we will use to prove to the vermont folks that we have indeed done everything we need to student teach–we will be working on the pre student teaching portfolio at first. then we had lunch–and omg is the food here GOOD–and then more orientation stuff. this part was really helpful because we met with a student who has already gone through this and she actually pulled up her portfolio and showed us, so it was good to get a real live example of it.

i don’t even remember what we did. oh! a meeting with the program director, in which we asked more questions. then some of us went to see this program called earthwalk, where teens get together–there are also younger kids but they werent there at night–weekly and learn all kinds of outdoors skills. we went tromping into the woods (in vermont. in january. it was cold) talked to them and ate pizza they made for us in a brick oven they built. we drank hot cider around a fire in a structure they’d build. it was all around pretty incredible, and beautiful. i of course slipped a few times, including once where i went right over and landed on my back–but the snow was thick enough that it was like falling on a mat. (alas, my ankle is now super swollen and painful, grr). 

then there was a meet and greet that went on too long.


this morning! breakfast, and then a meeting about library services, academic and disability support, and community life. i really love that all the staff seems to actually care and be making a real effort.

um. lunch, and then advising groups–there are 7 in mine. we talked about what we do here. i love that everyone has done and is planning to do things that are really fascinating. i’ve had a lot of discussions with folks who do anti racism stuff, outdoor ed, ESl, really cool and interesting stuff. then some library orientation that i did not like because it was boring, and my ankle was hurting and i was nervous about the long walk back to the community center. but then i got a ride!
um. yummy dinner, during which i asked lots of questions and got some clarification on a few things. great conversation, and several returning students have been helping me out–yay!


everyone is incredibly kind and interesting. it’s very cold and very quiet–when i was walking tody, if i stopped moving then all the noise in the world stopped.

Pictures of the campus: 


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