Dear god, I hate Marta Karolyi.

so to recap, briefly:

Marta apparently said that anyone wanting to petition through to nationals must score at least a 14 on the event they compete at Classics. Obviously this is not written down anywhere; Marta/USAG don’t like to write anything down because then they wouldn’t be able to change their minds at the last minute.

Chellsie Motherfucking Memmel came to Classics and had a meltdown on beam, falling twice. To be clear, this is basically totally unheard of. Chellsie NEVER falls. Chellsie is a rock.

Clearly, then, Chellsie was not ready to compete. She has been more decimated by injury than any other gymnast I can think of. She competed through injury to help the World team win gold in 2007. She came out of nowhere in 2008 and kicked so much ass at Trials taht everyone was blown away.

So Chellsie wasn’t completely ready to compete, and she had to anyway, because she knew that if she didn’t Marta would never let her in.

Given that the first rule of USAG is that they can change the rules whenever they want, it’s pretty clear that they could easily have let Chellsie through. I am about 99% sure Marta is making an example out of Chellsie, who has had the audacity to be honest about how awful those camps are. A better person might look at the injury record at camps and listen to some of the feedback and perhaps rethink their strategy, and if Marta was working in a country with less depth she would have to; there wouldn’t BE anyone left standing. But because the US is just stacked with talent, she can afford to break gymnasts over and over, and she can punish gymnasts she doesn’t like, gymnasts who were honest. Even a little bit honest!

Just to be clear, Marta/USAG do not care about Chellsie’s health. They care about the bottom line, and they care about letting Marta do whatever the fuck she wants. If they were ACTUALLY worried about the health of their gymnasts, Becca Bross would have vaulted differently, Al Fong woud just stop, etc etc.

No gymnast deserves to be forced to end her career on such a bad note. Chellsie deserves it less than most. She has given up her childhood, her adolescence, and of course her health for this sport. She has put herself through unbelievable pain. She has competed through pain and injury, and she has been a rock solid competitor. More than anyone else, Chellsie deserves the chance to be allowed to finish on her terms. Shame on you, USAG.


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