Summer Reading, books 35-40

Book 40: Faith, Jennifer Haigh. I really enjoyed a previous book of hers, and I liked this one even more. I am a hardcore Unitarian Universalist—although I came to that in my late teens/early 20s—but I’ve always been fascinated by Catholicism. I think my fascination stems from a mixture of interest in the rituals and disgust at their treatment of women and children (the Church’s patriarchy, not individual Catholics). I am also uncomfortable with the aspects of shame and guilt. So I lived this book. It’s narrated by the sister of a priest who is accused of child molestation, and it’s very, very good. I have no sympathy for actual child molesters—and in reading this book my anger at the Catholic Church for their systemic cover ups and for creating the perfect conditions in the first place  skyrocketed—but I loved all of the characters here.


Book 39: Blue Murder, Nicci French. I think I remembered reading some pretty crappy mysteries by this author, but this was actually quite good, so I might be thinking of someone else. I liked the protagonist, a shrink, a lot and the mystery was reasonably compelling, although the main twist was a bit unbelievable. Not as unbelievable was what I thought it was going to be though!


Book 38: Flash and Bones, Kathy Reichs. This is the woman who also created or inspired or something the TV series Bones, which I liked until they completely jumped the shark and made one of the main characters a serial killer, which, whatever show, that was a boneheaded move, duh. Anyway, her writing is OK and it was a decent diversion.


Book 37: Bloomability, Sharon Creech. Another YA book I remembered loving in childhood.


Book 36: The Secret of the Ruby Ring,   I loved this book so much in the fourth grade that I brought it to show and tell twice. My classmates were not amused.


Book 35: The Fifth Victim, Zoe Sharp. I think I might have read this before. Isnt it awful that I can’t remember? But truly, I can’t. It’s not clear to me whether I read this before or if I was just thinking of the marvelous Meg Gardiner novel The Nightmare Thief. Either way, it was fine.


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