Choosing the Team: Final Thoughts

So provided there are no injuries or really catostropheic meltdowns tonight, I think the team remains as obvious as its been: Weiber, Raisman, Douglas, Ross, Maroney. Where things get interesting is the alternates.

I think Ebee Price is basically an alternate lock. She can fill in quite well on vt/fx and could be used in a pinch AA.

I wish Anna Li would make the team over Ross, whose gymnastics I find boring. A bars rotation ending with Douglas and Li would be amazing. Obviously that’s not going to happen: Marta doesnt like Anna, and hates her parents/coaches. Also Anna has not been as consistent as she could be, although I believe she’s hit at Nationals and Trials so far. But that leaves a gapinghole in beam; Douglas, Li and Maroney are all good on the event when they hit but are very headcasey on that event.

That said, Li would also be a good alternate. My alternate picks would be Price, Li and Bross, although that also won’t happen; neither of the latter 2 are popular with Marta, and they are both bars/beam girls. And you wouldn’t want either to do beam in TF, although if Valeri Luikin werent such an asshole Becca could be prepared to do beam anytime anywhere.

I think its likely Sarah Finnegan will get an alt spot, though I think it would be better to give her time to grow a bit. She’ll shine in 2013.

Alicia Sacarome is a possibility, for vault and beam; not sure Marta would put her on beam again in TFs. Marta neither forgets nor forgives.

So. Price for sure. And then 2 of Finnegan, Sac, Li, Bross. I want Bross to get it so badly, because she needs a win more than anyone else. I’d also love to see Li, but as I said… not gonna happen.

That said, my dream team (impossible, since it assumes that Douglas or Li could do beam in TF…): Maroney (vt) Douglas (ub, maybe bb, fx) Li (ub, maybe bb) Weiber (AA) Raisman (fx, bb) alts: Price, Bross, Ross…


One response

  1. Why do you like Rebecca’s bross so much? Shes like the freaking terminator. She never smiles. You shouldn’t like someone just because you pity them. And Kyla ross’s routines are beautiful. She moves like a catlike ballerina.

    July 31, 2012 at 1:22 am

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