Summer Reading, books 46-50

Book 50: Neighborhood Watch, Cammie McGovern: pretty good. I felt like it wasn’t quite as ‘look how freaky suburbs are’ as I’d thought it was going to be but still interesting.


Book 49: The Gatekeepers, Jacques Steinberg: so interesting. I am so glad to be past the applying frantically to colleges thing—and actually I never cared that much anyway—but this, an inside look at the admissions process at Wesleyan—was really really fascinating.


Book 48: Are You My Mother, Allison Bechdel: A graphic novel from the author of the great Fun Home. I actually like this one even better. She delves into the history of psychoanalysis, theories behind attachment, and all kinds of things.


Book 47: The Other Woman’s House, Sophie Hannah: My favorite of her books is still the first one I read, Little Face. This one is good too but I feel like basically all of her books have the same theme—evil guy gaslights the woman he is supposed to love—and maybe she could mix it up a bit. Still liked it though.


Book 46: Once Upon a River, Bonnie Jo Campbell: loved it. A really beautiful book about a teenage girl who takes her raft onto the river. I hated a lot of the men in the book and I also got queasy at some of the animal skinning scenes, but I also felt as though it was a really good, lush coming of age novel. 


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