The Plot Thickens

Tidbits from the last few days over in London….

I’m not sure I can totally blame this one on Marta, but I’m going to do anyway: Anna Li, our bars alternate, has torn a ligament in her neck while training and is no longer up for being called in. This means that if Marta manages to break anyone else we are screwed, because we only have Sarah Finnegan left (Ebee Price has a heel bruise and could probably do bars, but that might be it…) and I love Finney but she’s arguably the weakest of the alternates.

McKayla Maroney has a broken toe, possibly, or something similar. However, she is vaulting Amanars and Mustafinas. She will not do floor in prelims–shame as she had an outside chance of making finals. However she is still on track to win vault (and I think she should give herself a break and vault an FTY nad layout Pod for qualifications, but she won’t…)

The US is still the frontrunners, but Russia looks to be making a push. Komova has stood up several lovely Amanars, which makes her even more a threat (especially for the AA!)

Romania, though, is a bit screwed. Larissa Iordache, one of the favorites of the last year or so, will not be competing all four events. She will certainly still do bars, and maybe beam, but this is a big blow.

So! the plot, it is thickening…right now I think the battle for gold is between the US and Russia and the battle for bronze between China and Romania…


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