Okay, bitches. This is not a drill. Team qualifications begin at 3:25 AM CST this coming Sunday. Those of you who do want to spend your entire Sunday watching quallies (although I don’t understand why not) can catch the tape delayed coverage Sunday evening on NBC.

TQ works like this: all the teams that have qualified in, as well as any individual gymnast that qualified, will compete. The top 8 teams will qualify to team finals. The top 24 individual girls competing all four events will qualify to the all around final, although only 2 per country can qualify. The top 8 individual girls in each event will qualify to event finals, although only two gymnasts from each country can qualify. On vault, the gymnast must do two different vaults.

So for prelims, we are watching to see not only which teams will make it through to team finals as well as to AA and EFs. In most cases, there is usually a group of 3-6 teams or individuals that are vying for medals and then there’s the best of the rest.

For team, we already know the Big 4: barring some truly bizarre event, like basically every gymnast falling on basically every event, the USA, Romania, Russia and China will qualify.

That leaves four other spots.

Brazil is out, though there’s a chance Dos Santos could make floor finals. France is also out, I think, although Duforunet has a chance to make bars or beam finals. That leaves Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy and Great Britain.

If I’m being brutal about it, I’ll drop Germany next. They have Seitz, who can put up a good bars score IF she hits (and may make finals), Bui is good on bars, and Germany as a whole is good on bars and beam but I would still be surprised to see them make it through. I do think we’ll see Chuso in vault finals, though…

And then there were five, so who else do we knock out? This is tough. I think its highly likely that Australia will make it through this time; they have a reasonably solid and experienced team. Great Britain is tough. Tweddle is awesome on bars and kind of floor, and hopefully being in front of a home crowd will help them. But they are massively unreliable on beam and do not vault with a lot of difficulty. Italy may well get through, but I think its either them on GBR. Japan is out, I think; they just haven’t been that good in recent years and star Koko Tsurami has been having trouble in training. I think Canada will make it through even without star Peng Peng Lee, and I hope I am not wrong about this. If they don’t make it, I think Japan probably will.


my official TQ results predictions!

1. Russia (I am guessing the US will have some jitters on prelims…or maybe just hoping…)

2. US (and then they can overtake RUS for TF)

3. China

4. Romania (again, guessing they will have jitters and then overtake China for TF…)

5-8: Australia, Great Britain, Canada and….what the hell. Italy. (or MAYBE Japan. Bt I think its Italy).


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