Bingo/Drinking Games

Use any combo of the below for bingo cards, making sure to split the three lists evenly; alternatively, drinking game. (first list is sip, second list is shot, third list is chug. Chug doesn’t always mean bad!)

list 1:

Tim says “kid on a playground”

Elfie talks up Canada

Tim tells us what it feels like to be competing at the Games

Al uses the word “diverse”

The camera does an extreme close up of Marta’s intense face

Al does a deep, melodramatic voice to narrate fluff

Al starts a sentence and then loses track of what he is talking about

Tim uses the phrase “one of the all time greats”

Bob Costas interrupts the actual gymnastics to tell us about some other damn sport

Nastia Luikin makes an appearance

dos Santos goes OOB

Weiber, Douglas, or Raisman land a scary Amanar

Komova or Paseka lands a scary Amanar

Maroney lands a beautiful, beautiful vault

leotards clash with the pink gym

Tim/Elfie says a gymnast is “happy with that”

list 2:

Bob Costas plays “Ring the Bela”

You learn about Ponor’s waxing habits (or Izbasa’s)

Any of the Trio mention WOGA and their lack of competing athletes

Any former Olympic gymnast is mentioned

The camera shows Yin Alverez jumping

Nastia Luikin makes an appearance wearing hooker heels

Al discusses the Bronx with some strong classist undercurrents

Al discusses John with terms such as “adversity” “challenges” “gone through” “been through”

someone hops on a PH dismount

someone vaults an FTY

Al says “un.real.” very slowly

Fluff shows John’s life in horror move b/w with horror movie music

Tim/Elfie says a gymnast is “not happy about that”
(list 3)

Douglas wobbles on beam

Pena splats a Prod

Raisman medals on floor

Al says something really creepy (example, from Pan Ams a couple years ago: “And now Rebecca Bross will take everything off….of her hands.”)

Pena lands a Prod

Komova wobbles on beam and jumps off

Tweddle wins bars

a leotard blinds you

someone–anyone–makes an incredible save, e.g. missing a foot on beam and still staying on or making dismount

someone breaks a bone or tears a ligament (please no)



2 responses

  1. Sarah

    Love it! A couple more ideas . . .

    Tim says something to the effect of “Gymnastics 101 – gotta stick the landing!” or “If you had told me ________ would happen, I would’ve thought you were crazy!”

    Al mentions how a gymnast’s FX music matches/does not match their country of origin

    July 29, 2012 at 12:04 am

  2. Hermione

    Please have 911 on speed dial!

    You could add one of the guys talking about how important it is for the audience to clap (off rhythm) to the floor music.

    July 30, 2012 at 8:50 pm

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