Olympic Awards

Sometime this week I am going to write an actual thoughtful post about these Games, which had a whole lotta ups and downs, but in the meantime the eagerly awaited (ha!) Olympic Awards are here:

Biggest Upset: This is a toss up between a whole bunch of things, but let’s go with McKayla Maroney not winning vault. After an amazing performance in both team competitions, McKayla did a good (for her, it would have been unreal for anyone else) Amanar and then sat down her Mustafina, for the first time anyone can remember. She still won silver, but it was a big upset. If ever there was a sure thing, it was McKayla’s gold. Also her coach apparently said “well, there goes your gold” as she came off, which, asshole. Speaking of McKayla…

Best Single Piece of Gymnastics Performed: McKayla Maroney’s Amanar, Team Finals. That was quite literally the best vault anyone, male or female, has ever done. It was stunning.

Biggest non-powerhouse country routine: Elisabeth Seitz, bars. The German has been inconsistent in the past with her huge skills, but not this time. She hit the hell out of her Def every chance she got. It’s a shame her form is so sloppy, but hopefully she can clean that up and hang on til Rio.

Biggest Sentimental Disappointment: Oksana Chusovitna not medaling at all in her 6th Olympics. I had goosebumps as the 37 year old waved goodbye to gymnastics. She has given a whole hell of a lot to the sport.

Best Sentimental Medal: Beth Tweddle. The Tweds is by far the best British female gymnast ever and she has done a great deal for the sport in that country. Her bar routine was basically flawless until the dismount, which alas she took a bunch of steps. I think she might have won if it weren’t for that. But still, the first Olympic medal in the sport for GBR. So glad it went to Beth on bars.



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  1. Christian

    I’m a teeny bit sick of this ‘best vault ever’ business – yes it was beautiful, yes it was possibly the best amanar ever done (though Cheng Fei was pretty sublime in the 2005 Worlds EF), but there have been some other fabulous vaults out there. Produnova’s Universaide Vault in 1999 was pretty killer, and Dragalescu’s signature vault was so gorgeous in the 2004 EF. And even at these Olympics there were some other great vaults – Yang Hak-Seon may not have executed as well as McKayla but a triple twist of any kind is an incredible achievement, and Kristian Thomas’s massive Yurchenko Double Pike in TF was breathtaking.

    October 4, 2012 at 5:31 am

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