January books

1. Last king of Texas
2. Devil went down to Austin
(Both Riordan, who more recently wrote the Percy Jackson ya novels. These are serviceable mysteries, though I prefer Percy).
3. No mark upon her- Crombie
Pretty solid.
4. land of the living- Nicci French. Eh.
5. The way men act- Elinor Lipman. Reread. I love her.
6. Mean little deaf queer- Galloway- a pretty good memoir
7. A kiss gone bad
8. Cut and run – both Jeff Abbott and reasonable thrillers
9. Size twelve a d ready to rock- Meg Cabots Heather Wells books are a huge guilty pleasure
10. Freud for beginners – a comic book. Decent.
11. Charm city – Laura Lippman- a reread, the Tess Monagan books are a favorite!
12. Ariadne’s thread- case studies in therapy. Quite interesting.
13. No easy day- mark Owen. I skipped bits and pieces because I was mostly interested in the raid that got bin laden. I was quite uncomfortable with a lot of the book. I have Peter bergens account to read and will have more to say after that I think- but basically the rah rah yay we killed bad guys part made me feel weird. I know I know it’s war but….
14. The nightmare thief- meg gardiner- also a reread.

This was a light month book wise because I was at school for a week and didn’t read at all!


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