February books

1.The Seige (White) –good mystery
2. Speaking from among the bones–the new Flavia de Luce. I LOVED IT.
3. The one I left behind (McMahon) definitely not as good as her other books
4. How fiction works (Wood) James Wood is a New Yorker writer and this is a fantastic explanation of how literature functions.
5. China lake (Gardiner) re-read, love her
6. Number the stars (Lowry) YA i re-read because love
7/ The hours (Cunningham) haven’t read since probably high school. enjoyed the re-read
8. The playdate (Millar) a good pysch thriller
9. The casual vacancy (Rowling) No Harry Potter, that’s for sure. Traces of JKR’s themes and language came up, but it is essentially a bleaker story-the HP books are mainly predicated on the idea that people who band together in determination to do the right thing can defeat great evil. This feels more like decent, but very flawed, people defeated by inertia and the more mundane forms of “evil.”
10. Manhunt –Peter Bergen’s book about capturing bin Laden. Made me much less uncomfortable than No Easy Day. I like the intellectual distance.
11. When will there be good news (Atkinson) reread, love
12. Teaching reading a textbook about…teaching reading
13. The betrayal of trust (Hill) a pretty solid mystery
14. The hypnotist (Keplar) pretty good. fast paced if not skillfully written
15. The young unicorns
16. Meet the Austins
–both of the above are the great Madeleine L’Engle. I was in an L’Engle mood. Meet the Austins I hadn’t read since I was very young and its strange to see what an old book it is–there’s talk about the kids not using seatbels, for example. It did make me sad that she kept having Dr. Austin spank the kids, since I Do Not Approve of hitting your children and in later books I love Dr. Austin.
17. Teaching for Joy and Justice
18. You Gotta BE the Book
19. Deeper REading
–i half read half skimmed these three to learn how to teach reading to adolescents. To START learning, I should say.


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